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Chess Playing Software

code: P-7a price: 49,99 €
New super-strong chess engine: Fritz9; Position explainer: positional comment about the current position; New forms of training for the topics attack, check and defense with high-score rating.; New handicap-function for practical training of positional play; Printout of the score-sheet; Evaluation profile with depth of calculation; Presentation function: Show games automatically; Alternative forms of chess: Engines for Giveaway Chess and Fischerrandom (Chess960); 1 million games from 1625 to 2005; Chess beginners course (1 hr. video in Chess Media System); Chess course for advanced players (3 hrs. video in Chess Media System);
Shredder 9
code: P-6 price: 49,95 €
Here is Shredder 9 - the strongest playing program in the today's world.
With Shredder 9 UCI by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen you get the latest and best version of the Shredder family that exists since 1993 and the latest version of the Shredder user interface.
The Shredder chess programs have already won nine titles as World Computer Chess Champion, are leading in all important computer chess rating lists and are accepted as the best chess programs for PCs.
Fritz 8.0
code: P-7 price: 39,95 €
click to enlargeThe Fritz 8 is identical to the one that fascinated the world in the man vs Machine duel against the human world champion. Millions of chess fans watched the games live on the Internet - the match ended in a 4:4 tie. "Deep Fritz is stronger than Deep Blue," said world champion Vladimir Kramnik, who had carefully studied the program. But donít be afraid, Fritz is not just a chess playing monster. It is a friendly chess partner for beginners and amateurs.
Junior 9.0
code: P-9 price: 49,95 €
click to enlargeJunior9 by Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky is the reigning computer chess world champion in all categories. Junior is different from all other programs in its search strategies and evaluation function. This gives the program a very distinctive style of play. The special strength of Junior is its understanding of compensation. This makes the program an extraordinarily effective tool for analysing sharp and dynamic positions, especially those involving the sacrifice of material.
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