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Databases and Chess Data

Chess Assistant 8.1 Database
code: P-3 price: 35 €
The Database consists of as many as 2,710,000 games in Chess Assistant format collected by January 1, 2005. The database CD also features:
The updated library, The expanded Direct Tree, About 10,000 commented games
Nalimov Ending Tablebases
code: P-4 price: 25 €
click to enlargeNalimov Ending Tablebases (on two double DVDs, 17 Gb) include the most complete version of the 6-piece NALIMOV endgame tablebases:
  • Tablebases completely compatible with Chess Assistant 8, Comprehensive Chess Endings, Fritz, Shredder, Junior and a number of other engines
  • Tablebases tell you exactly how to play any position out of the material included in the DVDs
  • Tablebases know whether a position is won, lost, or drawn, and how many moves it takes to win or draw, assuming best possible play by both opponents
Chess Academy 7 OfficeDeluxe
code: P-5 price: 99,97 €
For Windows© 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP includes:
  • powerful Chess Academy Database System (ver. 7);
  • huge Chess Academy Pro database (2,100,000+ games);
  • an improved Chess Academy Tutorial & Training Program (ver. 7);
  • up to 23 Modules with 25,000+ annotated and classified examples (Exclusive pack);
  • strong Chess Academy Playing Program (ver. 7) with built-in Engines;
  • huge Opening Books (ChampionBook & GambitBook) for Chess Academy engine;
  • a unique and extended Middlegame Book for Chess Academy engine.
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