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Chess Software

Chess Assistant Software

More info and details

P-1Chess Assistant 8.1111 €
P-1aUpgrade from CA 7 to Chess Assistant 8.168 €
P-1bUpgrade from older versions to CA 8.185 €
P-2Chess Assistant 7.159,50 €

Databases and Chess Data

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P-3Chess Assistant 8.1 Database35 €
P-4Nalimov Ending Tablebasessee the picture25 €
P-5Chess Academy 7 OfficeDeluxe99,97 €

Chess Playing Software

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P-7aFRITZ 9.049,99 €
P-6Shredder 949,95 €
P-7Fritz 8.0see the picture39,95 €
P-9Junior 9.0see the picture49,95 €

Training and Teaching Software

More info and details

P-10Total Chess Training II79 €
P-10aTotal Chess Trainingsee the picture79 €
P-11Comprehensive Chess Endingssee the picture31 €
P-12Comprehensive Chess Endings + Nalimov DVD, packet50,90 €
P-13Chess Combinations Encyclopediasee the picture25 €
P-14Chess Endings, Essential Knowledge, e-book25 €
P-15Understanding Chess Strategy, e-book25 €
P-17Chess Tactics for Beginnerssee the picture22,50 €
P-18Mate Studiessee the picture18,90 €
P-19Chess Endgame Trainingsee the picture25 €
P-20Theory and Practice of Chess Endingssee the picture25 €
P-21Encyclopedia of Middlegame, Volumes I, II, III, packetsee the picturesee the picturesee the picture68 €
P-21aEncyclopedia of Middlegame, Vol. Isee the picture25 €
P-21bEncyclopedia of Middlegame, Vol. IIsee the picture25 €
P-21cEncyclopedia of Middlegame, Vol. IIIsee the picture25 €
P-21dEncyclopedia of Middlegame, Vol. IVsee the picture25 €
P-22CT-ART 3.0see the picture22,50 €
P-23Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders22,50 €
P-24Strategy 2.0see the picture25,00 €
P-26Chess School for Beginnerssee the picture22,50 €
P-27Advanced Chess Schoolsee the picture22,50 €
P-50Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual - Mark Dvoretskysee the picture30 €
P-51Training with Garry Kasparov. How to play The Queen's Gambitsee the picture30 €
P-52Training with Garry Kasparov. How to play The Najdorf vol.1see the picture30 €

Chess Opening Encyclopedias

More info and details

P-28Comprehensive Chess Openings 2005see the picture31 €
P-29Modern Chess Openings. 1... Nc6!?see the picture22,50 €
P-30Modern Chess Openings. Kings Indian Defence.see the picture22,50 €
P-31Modern Chess Openings. French Defence.see the picture22,50 €
P-32Modern Chess Openings. Sicilian Defence.see the picture22,50 €
P-53Modern Chess Openings. Slav Defencesee the picture25 €
P-55Opening Instructorsee the picture25 €
P-56Chess Middlegame Collection - 4 CDssee the picture86 €

Game Collections

More info and details

P-33Boris Spassky - 10th World Championsee the picture22,50 €
P-34Mikhail Botvinnik - 6th World Championsee the picture25,00 €
P-35Emanuel Lasker - 2nd World Championsee the picture22,50 €
P-36Jose Raul Capablanca - 3rd World Championsee the picture22,50 €
P-37Alexander Alekhine - 4th World Championsee the picture25,00 €
P-38Mikhail Tal - 8th World Championsee the picture25,00 €
P-39Great Players Kit.86,00 €
P-54Six World Championssee the picture86 €
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