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Chess gadgets

Chess postcards (Hungary)
code: A-1 price: 0,5 €
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargePicture postcard with a chess motiv. At the top of the back is a game (in figurine notation, with a diagram).
Chess pendants
code: A-2 price: 4 €
click to enlargeMetal pendants in the shape of chessmen (king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, pawn)
A-2k - set of 6 pieces - 20 €
Chess pendants (gold)
code: A-2a price: 7 €
click to enlargeMetal pendants in golden colour in the shape of chessmen (king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, pawn)
A-2ak - set of 6 pieces - 39 €
Key Ring
code: A-3 price: 4 €
click to enlargeChess key-ring
Key Ring with a chess motive
code: A-4 price: 4 €
click to enlargeCombination of plast and metal, color chess motive, meassures 5,5 x 4 cm. Chess motives are double-sided, patterns were pictures from chess postcards.
Plastic badges - World Champions
code: A-6 price: 0,6 €
click to enlargePlastic badges with images of World Champions (men)
All 17 World Champions including FIDE World Champions
Excellent as rewards for children!
Set - all badges (17 pieces) - 8,5 €
"I love chess" ballpen
code: A-7 price: 1 €
click to enlargeA-7a 20 pieces - 17 €
A-7b 50 pieces - 35 €
A-7c 100 pieces - 60 €
Chess stickers
code: A-9 price: 1 €
click to enlargeStickers with chess motives for you to stick on your car.
Chess mats
code: A-10 price: 3 €
click to enlargeclick to enlargeMats with chess tasks. There are two tasks on every mat. One set consists of 6 mats.
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