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Chess Clocks

Digital Chess Clocks

More info and details

ZS-13DGT Easy+see the picturesee the picture38 €
ZS-14DGT Easysee the picturesee the picture28 €
ZS-9DGT 2000 Digital Clocksee the picture59 €
ZS-10DGT XL Digital Clocksee the picture69 €
ZS-11MEREX 500 Digital Clocksee the picture49 €
ZS-12Schach Timer Silver Digital Clocksee the picture44 €

Mechanical Chess Clocks

More info and details

ZS-2Insa Wood Chess Clocksee the picture36 €
ZS-3Insa Chess Clocksee the picture30 €
ZS-4Garde - Wood Chess Clocksee the picture39 €
ZS-5Small Chess Clocksee the picture27 €
ZS-5aBlitz Chess Clocksee the picture27 €
ZS-6Small Wood Chess Clocksee the picture29 €
ZS-7Wood Chess Clocksee the picture32 €
ZS-8Hetman Chess Clocksee the picture27 €
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