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Chess gadgets

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A-1Chess postcards (Hungary)see the picturesee the picturesee the picture0,5 €
A-2Chess pendantssee the picture4 €
A-2aChess pendants (gold)see the picture7 €
A-3Key Ringsee the picture4 €
A-4Key Ring with a chess motivesee the picture4 €
A-6Plastic badges - World Championssee the picture0,6 €
A-7"I love chess" ballpensee the picture1 €
A-9Chess stickerssee the picture1 €
A-10Chess matssee the picturesee the picture3 €

Wooden cups in the shape of chessmen

More info and details

A-8Kingsee the picturesee the picture12 €
A-8aQueensee the picturesee the picture10 €
A-8bBishopsee the picturesee the picture9 €
A-8cKnightsee the picture13 €
A-8dRooksee the picturesee the picture9 €
A-8ePawnsee the picturesee the picture5 €
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