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Secrets of Rook Endings

code: K-652 price: 23,45€

John Nunn

352 pages (210 mm by 145 mm). ISBN 1 901983 18 8.

“Nunn's excellent explanations and the huge amount of interesting material sustains the reader's interest. Rook and Pawn v Rook endings frequently occur, and so knowledge of them is quite invaluable. Excellent value for money... the complete truth about the ending of Rook and Pawn v Rook” - Richard Palliser, HULL CHESS CLUB MAGAZINE.

“ I am delighted to recommend GM Dr John Nunn’s Secrets of Rook Endings. The superb new 352-page edition by GAMBIT Publications has 32 pages more than the first version in 1992, and it’s cheaper too at a bargain price of only £14.99!” - Paul Motwani, THE SCOTSMAN

"I am sure that in fifty years' time Secrets of Rook Endings will be regarded as one of the great classics of the twentieth century. It is as close as any book can ever realistically come to perfection on its subject." - Julian Hodgson, BRITISH CHESS MAGAZINE

"To learn and understand just the most important positions of this endgame will take a dedicated effort, an effort that is not that much different from working your way through, e.g., the Yugoslav attack in the Sicilian Dragon for the first time. For those who are willing to put in this effort, I in fact will go as far as to say that this is a truly fabulous book Some people may argue that with the endgame CD now widely available, it makes less sense now (in comparison to 1992) to publish a book like this, but Nunn's systematic approach as well his educational recaps, tips and generalisations help the reader to understand what is actually going on and make this book an essential tool for anyone who wants to improve his or her endgame skills. ...With Secrets of Rook Endings, John Nunn has once again produced an excellent book which I can wholeheartedly recommend for the serious student. It is worth every penny - and more." - Carsten Hansen, CHESS CAFE WEB SITE

Publisher: Gambit Publications Limited

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