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Drazen Marovic

224 pages (248 mm by 172 mm). ISBN 1 901983 73 0.

How can one determine if a piece is weak or strong? Or if a square is weak or strong? These are the principal questions that grandmaster and trainer Drazen Marovic addresses in this important book. By discussing carefully-chosen games and positions, Marovic explains how to recognize good and bad features of positions, and how to make use of one's advantages and exploit the opponent's weaknesses. One repeatedly sees 'weaknesses' that are unexploitable (and therefore are not weaknesses at all), possibilities of surrendering certain squares in order to gain more important ones, and material sacrifices to exploit major weaknesses. Topics include: outposts; strength and weakness on files and diagonals; vulnerabilities on the first and second ranks; static weakness and attack; and characteristics of the pieces.

Drazen Marovic is a grandmaster from Croatia, who has won medals as both player and trainer for various national teams. His pupils include Bojan Kurajica, World Under-20 Champion in 1965, and Al Modiahki of Qatar, the first Arabian grandmaster. Marovic has a wealth of experience as a writer, editor and television commentator on chess. He is currently the trainer of the Croatian national team. This is his third book for Gambit. His two previous books discussed various aspects of pawn play, and have been warmly received by the chess-playing public.

"Publication quality is excellent. Clear annotations and analysis help ensure the reader understands the material with minimal confusion. Oversize, frequent diagrams and 224 opaque pages and make this book a pleasure to read. This material in the book is of value to a broad audience and wide rating range, adding value to any chess library. Highly recommended with a rating of 4 peaches." - Mark Hoshor, Georgia Chess

"As in his previous works, Marovic's deep knowledge shines through and he makes welcome use of classics and not just recent games. This work looks at many important positional principles, such as the weakness of the second rank or the use of rooks on semi-open files, but it is a rather old fashioned form of primer. However, the club player who takes time to study its many themes, and hundreds of well-explained examples, should significantly boost the depth of their positional understanding memory bank, which can but help in their own games." - Richard Palliser

"Secrets of Positional Chess is one those chess books that may very well be destined to become a mainstay on the shelf of any novice to intermediate player looking to improve his game." -

"Secrets of Positional Chess is an excellent book that is well written, clear and full of instructive examples of play at the highest levels." - Michael Blake, IECG

"Verdict: a very interesting and instructive read, and a fantastic resource for players and coaches. Good value for money. Highly recommended." ***** - Phil Adams, 3Cs website

"... for a feast of further instructive examples including demonstrations of power and co-ordination among pieces and pawns, I can recommend GM Drazen Marovic's Secrets of Positional Chess." - GM Paul Motwani, The Scotsman

"Der Verlag Gambit Publications hat seine Reihe hochwertiger Lehrbücher erneut um ein Überzeugendes Werk erweitern können. Secrets of positional chess ist jedem ambitionierten Schachfreund sehr empfehlen." - Schachmarkt

"Das Buch ist wärmstens zu empfehlen. Das Werk eignet sich auch hervorragend für Trainerzwecke. Insgesamt ein gutes Buch fuer Spieler mit positionellen Schwaechen." - Jürgen Brustkern, Rochade

"Allein durch das Nachspielen der Partien wird sich das Stellunggefühl und Positionsverständnis des Lesers beträchtlich erhöhen." - Thomas Schian, Rochade

"Das Buch ist jedem strebsamen Schachspieler zu empfehlen, der sich in die Richtung Schachstrategie bilden möchte. Das Buch ist praktisch für Spieler aller Klassen geeignet. Auch für Schachtrainer ist diese Arbeit sehr zu empfehlen." - Fernschach

"Überall im Text wird die grosse Erfahrung des Verfassers als Schachtrainer spürbar und der Lernende kann sich dessen wohlfundierten Kenntnissen und Erkenntnissen über das Positionsspiel vorbehaltlos anschliessen." - Dr. W. Schweizer, Rochade

Publisher: Gambit Publications Limited

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