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code: K-584 price: 21,9€

John Nunn

176 pages (210 mm by 145 mm). ISBN 1 901983 16 1.

One of the world's finest writers on chess presents his selection of brilliant modern games of 25 moves or fewer. Much can be learned from these sparkling miniatures. John Nunn examines how the loser might have avoided disaster, and explains how the winner managed to punch home his advantage so effectively.

The games themselves are absolute gems. In a roll-call of the world elite, grandmasters and World Champions feature as both victor and victim. Fischer, Timman, Kramnik and Shirov all have wins. There are two wins apiece for Spassky and Korchnoi, five by Tal and seven by Kasparov. The format (with three diagrams per page, and up to six per game) enables the book to be enjoyed even if a chess set is not handy.

"A tremendous work" - George Koltanowski, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Chock full of stunning games... Nunn's notes are concise and informative" – Cecil Rosner, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS

"For many years there have been prophets of doom predicting the demise of chess as we know it. Then a book like this comes along which demonstrates that chess is very much alive, that games can be won, and won quickly into the bargain" – Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

"enjoy a great feast of short yet highly instructive encounters in GM Dr John Nunn's excellent new 176-page GAMBIT book, "101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures". The most renowned author supplies typically lucid notes and plenty of well-placed diagrams to painlessly guide the reader through the chosen collection of beautiful games" - Paul Motwani, THE SCOTSMAN

"An entertaining book, a collection of sparkling modern gems to instruct and entertain, the author believes that much can be learned - like how to avoid disasters, and how to punch home an early advantage to good effect - from these sparkling miniatures" - John Henderson, THE SCOTSMAN

"All the games in this work are 25 moves or less...the format gives three diagrams per page to allow readers to follow the play without recourse to board and men" - J J Walsh, IRISH TIMES

"The book is most up-to-date in its games, and, the author being Nunn, the analysis is most detailed" - Peter Gibbs, THE BIRMINGHAM POST

"Short victories between Grandmasters do not occur every day. Highly recommended" - Lubosh Kavalek, WASHINGTON POST

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE "Illescas losing in 11 moves with White to enough to make anyone feel better after a horribly short loss" - Munroe Morrison, OPEN FILE

"If you like books on miniatures, this is the best I've seen" Jonathan Tait, BCCA

"The games are interesting and the notes informative. Entertaining" - AUSTRALIAN CHESS FORUM

Publisher: Gambit Publications Limited

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