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code: K-575 price: 23,45€

Lasha Janjgava

192 pages (210 mm by 145 mm). ISBN 1 901983 37 4.

Every chess-player needs a reliable defence against the Queen's Pawn Opening. The fundamental question is whether to go all-out for counterplay, which may involve a great deal of risk, or to adopt a more solid, classical approach, and first carefully neutralize White's initiative.
This book shows the potential of the latter approach. By defending the Queen's Gambit Declined, Black puts a firm road-block in the way of White's ambitions. If, as often happens when faced by sturdy defence, White becomes careless or impatient, Black is ready to break out and seize the initiative. Janjgava also shows how White's more hypermodern Catalan treatment can be met with the same strategy, and explains how, once Black has equalized, he can unbalance the position, and play for a win.
Lasha Janjgava is a grandmaster from Georgia, and President of the Tbilisi Chess Federation. He has represented his country four times in chess olympiads, and has built up a formidable reputation as a very hard player to beat. This is his first chess book.

"... a very thorough job" - Chris Rice, WEEKEND CHESS MAGAZINE

"The author has tried to provide a broad repertoire for Black so that the book will still be of value if a powerful novelty is found in a critical variation. This broad coverage means that the book... will also be of value to White" - John Purg, CHESS POST

"... designed initially to neutralise White's initiative and then play for a win" - Alan Borwell, SCOTTISH CORRESPONDENCE CHESS

"...a refreshing coverage of responses by Black to 1 d4. The author demonstrates the potential of a solid classical approach "The book describes a solid and dependable repertoire to adopt as Black against 1 d4" - Paul Dunn, AUSTRALIAN CHESS FORUM

Publisher: Gambit Publications Limited

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