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code: K-569 price: 23,45€

Steffen Pedersen

224 pages (210 mm by 145 mm). ISBN 1 901983 28 5.

The Meran is an opening rich in both strategy and tactics, making it ideal for players seeking to win with either colour. It occupies an important place in the repertoires of many of the world's top players, with Anand, Kramnik, Kasparov and Karpov regularly taking one side or the other. The book provides the most detailed coverage to date of the Meran, together with several related variations, and the various Anti-Meran options available to White. Together with the author's The Botvinnik Semi-Slav, it provides complete coverage of the Semi-Slav, the most combative line of the Queen's Gambit.

"Verdict: another excellent specialist opening book from Pedersen, ideal for the strong OTB or postal player" - Phil Adams, MANCHESTER CHESS SCENE

"It is especially good for the club player that both the fashionable and also the older lines are fully covered, with Pedersen including much of his own excellent analysis. For or all who play this opening with either colour, this work is essential..." Richard Palliser, HULL CHESS CLUB MAGAZINE

"...a five star rating...Steffen continues to produce excellent material for Gambit" - Michael Blake, IEGC NEWSLETTER

"...thoroughly researched and clearly presented...with Steffen Pedersen one is immediately struck by his passionate commitment towards his material, and this is communicated to the reader" - Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

Publisher: Gambit Publications Limited

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