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code: K-559 price: 20,35€

Tony Kosten

144 pages (210 mm by 145 mm). ISBN 1 901983 14 5.

Grandmaster Tony Kosten concentrates on aggressive treatments of the English - an approach that has brought him great success in tournament play. His book provides everything you need to start attacking with the English Opening, supplying players of the white pieces with a set of weapons that will equip them to challenge any opponent they face. There is an ideal balance of explanation and analysis, and practical examples illustrate the key themes.

"The best repertoire book on the English available" – Jeremy Silman, INSIDE CHESS

"Kosten has a nice, readable style, and he has provided lots of discussion of thematic ideas" – Randy Bauer, RANDY'S REVIEWS

"A sensible guide which will educate (and enthuse) new recruits to the English cause" – Tim Wall, BCM

"Delightfully readable and digestible... demonstrates that the English Opening can become one of White's most aggressive and ambitious of opening systems" – Raymond Keene, THE SPECTATOR

"Grandmaster Tony Kosten, a great exponent of this line, makes out a compelling case for this opening. He conveys his understanding with great skill" – Craig Prichett, THE HERALD

"Logically and clearly presented" – Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

" can't wish for a better book" – Schach Markt

"I found the strategic descriptions readable and easy for intermediate players to understand. The printing and general quality of the book is very good" – Paul Dunn, AUSTRALIAN CHESS FORUM

Publisher: Gambit Publications Limited

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