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Find the best move!

N. Jakovlev
Find the best move!

96 pages, Sankt-Petersburg

code: K-53 price: 3,5€

The game of chess is a kind of dialogue in which each side strives to prove its point. To achieve this goal you have to possess certain skills.

Helping beginners to develop these skills is the main task of this book.

Having learned to solve problems, presented in its first part ( problems 1 - 288), the young reader will reach level 1700 - 1800 of chess rating.

To achieve even greater success, it is necessary to become proficient in solving chess problems with the use of combinations. It is the combinations that bring the maximal satisfactions found by prominent masters and grandmasters, the reader of this book will get a chance to share these little masterpieces.

You may check yourself looking at answers to the problems, placed in the middle of the book.

Play chess to your heart's content!

English, German and Russian languages. Foreword in English, German and Russian.


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