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Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

830 pages, Moscow

code: K-449 price: 25€

Combinational vision and the ability of calculating variations are two basic ways leading to success in chess.

It's quite possible to develop such abilities to a great degree by regular training. That's what this book is devoted to. The book contains numerous tests based on practical experience with the following exersises more complicated than the previous ones. The book mainly shows positions with crises in them and the solutions which are forced variations or series of variations.

The course contains 2 parts:

1) Direct hit methods
The material grouped into 24 traditional chess themes and illustrated by over 900 classical examples gives you a possibility of gripping basic tactical methods. This course is the basis for a deeper insight in chess tactics of the encyclopedia's following part.

2) Supported methods
Most complete classification of tactical methods. More than 3500 hand-picked examples classified by grade of difficulty are suitable both for individual training and for chess school and groups. Thanks to multilevel system, the material of the book can be used by professional chessplayers as well as those who make their first steps in chess tactics.

English and Russian languages. Color hard cover. 829 pages. Moscow 2004.

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