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Leko's One Hundred Wins

Sergei Sloviov
Leko's One Hundred Wins

pages, Chess Stars Publishing

code: K-416 price: 22,9€

Back in 1993 Peter Leko became the world's youngest grandmaster at the age of 14. Today he is to play against Kramnik a final qualifier for the new united chess title.

The new book of S. Soloviov traces the brilliant career of the Hungarian prodigy, suplying biographical notes, high-quality photos and most of all - a superb chess content.

The annotators of the 100 selected games are famous Russian GMs as Khalifman, Shipov, Bezgodov, Goloshchapov, Sakaev, Solozhenkin and they did an excellent work.

All this makes it a very worthwhile addition to your chess collection.

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