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Shirov's One Hundred Wins

Sergei Sloviov
Shirov's One Hundred Wins

pages, Chess Stars Publishing

code: K-415 price: 22,9€

Alexei Shirov is one of the most entertaining chess players in the world. He was the first ever to reach the 2700 level before the age of 20. Shirov created a great number of masterpieces that earned him a deserved fame of the king of attack of our days.

Like at the board, Shirov is quite fiery in his private life, moving from Riga to Spain, then to Poland only to return back to Riga with his last young wife, an outstanding chess player herself. However he retains his Spanish citizenship. Sergei Soloviov has put together a thorough biographical work featuring 100 games played and won by Shirov between 1990 and 2002.

The excellent annotations are work of Khalifman, Sakaev, Speelman, Shipov, Motwani, Yudasin. A good selection of high-quality photos and a hardcover version make this book a fine acquisition for any chess fan.

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