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626 Chess Problutions

D.Davletov, V.Kostrov
626 Chess Problutions

91 pages, Sankt-Petersburg

code: K-392 price: 3€

This is the last book in the series of " Chess problutions" for children who wish to learn to play chess well. Checkmate tasks are gathered in it, and the authors did their best to help learners to do all the tasks correctly.

On every page there is a two- or three-move checkmate task. If you cannot cope with this difficult variant you will find two subtasks, two - one-move checkmate tasks. Combinining their solutions intoone whole you will find out how to do the difficult task.

All the tasks are of practical value. Most of them will surely turn up in you games. So, it is to your own benefit to go through all of them!

What is the advantege of our " Chess problutions" for coaches? Have you ever tried to arrange a position with your back to the children? They would not let you! To set the kids into the corners of the classroom would be simpler than that! The advantage of the book is that any position could be set quickly, as almost all the tasks are miniatures.

Tasks are classified into the following difficulty levels:

English and Russian languages.

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