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The French Defence

Alexander Kalinin
The French Defence

259 pages, Moscow

code: K-369 price: 11,9€

This book intended for a wide range of players, starting from club level upwards, is devoted to the French Defence, a very sound, "fireproof" opening, and a favourite weapon of many world's leading players. The book acquaints a reader with the current state of theory in all the main lines of this opening, and with typical procedures and plans in the resulting middlegame. Several of the games given here were played in the period prior to the 1990s, included for their instructional value.

The compact symbolic language will not prevent a reader from finding typical plans, procedures and combinations requiring one's particular attention. In the final chapter, a reader will find a number of exercises on strategy and tactics for self-testing.

A volume of the Self-Tutor series, the book can be used in several ways: as a reference book, as a source for systematic study, and as a useful tool for broadening one's chess horizons.

English, German, Russian, Spanish languages. 259 pages. Hard cover. Moscow 2003

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