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Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

Chess Informant
Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations

576 pages, Beograd

code: K-157 price: 23,9€

Third edition is significantly revised and updated, in fact, it is a new book comparing to previous editions. The book contains 2709 diagrammed positions, of which about 1900 were not in previous editions. This third edition is for some 40 per cent longer than previous ones. The samples are divided into 3 main chapters: Mate Combinations; Combinations to Reach the Draw; Other Combinations. Each chapter is divided into 10 subchapters by motifs (pinning, double attack, interference etc). After Educative Examples follow Practical Examples ordered by difficulty. All examples are diagrammed, with names of players, place and date of the event and annotated solution at the end of each chapter. Indexes of players and annotators at the end.

Language: Figurine algebraic

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