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2000 Chess problutions vol. 3 - Chess combinations

V.Kostrov, B.Belavskij
2000 Chess problutions vol. 3 - Chess combinations

102 pages, Sankt-Petersburg

code: K-109 price: 3,5€

In the first two books of the series, we have given you powerful techniques for successful chess fight. Double attack, link, divertion and allure are now part of your arsenal. The new "Problutions" book will equip you with more sophisticated tactical weapons. It is not always possible to reach the king with the help of rough force only. Try deceiving your partner with dagger and cloak. Disguise yourself like a spy and move as an experienced diplomat.

Try to find a weak spot in your enemy's camp and at the appropriate time annihilate the defense and give a precise stroke with the dagger. By the way, your partner's pieces can become your allies. Draw them to their king by skillful maneuvering, let them block him so as not to leave him any breathing space, and then strike.

It is not very good for you when all of your partner's pieces are in interplay. Wouldn't it be nice to intercept them, build a strong chess door?

Is your enemy's attack against your defenses really so terrifying? Do you have to concentrate on in-depth defense? You should always look for a possibility of a countarattack. A thoughtful intermadiate move will change the course of the game.

Are your pieces crowded on a small space? Are they preventing each other from getting to the enemy king? Decide which one is to attack the king's fortifications and clear some space for the attacking piece.

The king has to be protected at all times. Us this notion and carry out a discovered attack against him and other pieces. And then your millstones will gring the enemy's army to powder.

And even if your partner's king is well fenced by his numerous court, imagine that you are a powerful X-ray machine and in the view of your line pieces the gaps and holes in your partner's position will show.

The tasks and combinations in the book are divided in three levels:

English, German and Russian languages

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