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2000 Chess problutions vol. 2 - Deflection and Decoying

V.Kostrov, B.Belavskij
2000 Chess problutions vol. 2 - Deflection and Decoying

102 pages, Sankt-Petersburg

code: K-108 price: 3,5€

The book of chess tasks and combinations is the second one in the series "Solutioners for advanced players".DEFLECTION and DECOYING are the two subjects presented this book.

Note that deflection is a favorite device with many sports games. Imagine two football forwards attacking a goalkeeper. One distracts the opponent deftly while the other neatly sends the ball into the empty goal. The tactical device of deflection is used in chess as well if you need to distract some guard piece from defending an important square or piece. Of course you cannot use the same trap several times; so deflecting combinations in chess are quite diverse and are an abundant theme for studying.

With the help of the tactical device of decoying you can make your opponent's piece take a non-advantageous position where it will be doomed. This device is especially effective when it is the king that is trapped. Docoying often goes along with a double attack, pinning, and other tactical devices.

Having coped with all the tasks of the new "Solutioner" you will hardly your chess opponent to distract your battle pieces or entrap your king under a bad blow!

Enjoy youself practicing!

The tasks and combinations in the book are divided in three levels:

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