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2000 Chess problutions vol. 1 - Double Attack and pinning

V.Kostrov, B.Belavskij
2000 Chess problutions vol. 1 - Double Attack and pinning

102 pages, Sankt-Petersburg

code: K-107 price: 3,5€

The book of chess tasks and combinations is a continuation of the "Solutioners" aeries. The tasks have become definitely more complicated because you have become more mature players in recent years. In this book two subjects are presented; DOUBLE ATTACK and PINNING. Not a single chess game can do without these tactical devices. Pinning and double attack pursue us from early opening to deep endgame.

Any piece, even the king or a pawn can deliver a double attack. But the queen and the knight, which overlook eight different directions are especially dangerous.

There is no doubt you have suffered a lot from pinning, too, in your games. It is at times really difficult to avoid bishops and castles' blows striking through.

We hope that after some time pinning and double attack will become your dear friend and you will no longer dread them. We are positive that having done all the tasks of the new "Solutioner" you will easily link your opponent up and down, and then take him by surprise with a double or, better still, triple blow!

Enjoy youself practicing!

The tasks and combinations in the book are divided in three levels:

English, German and Russian languages.

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